East Durham Travel Club Thanks to all for the donations that are coming through to us - your support is amazing - hope to see you all soon xx

NEW!!!!  Local Shopping trips - ring Tony on 0191 5863136 to book a seat - limited spaces due to social distancing

New local trips starting May 17th - very limited seats available due to social distancing.

June 21st - fingers crossed restrictions will be lifted to restart the normal trips and get you out of the house once again!!  We will be in touch with you all once the new schedule is finalised so please don't ring us or the answer machine will burn out!!!

Hospital and Health transport - ring Angela on 0191 5182633 for details and to book your seat.

Travel ClubTravel Club

The Travel Club offers travel to members all year round to a range of exciting and varied places including markets, events, tours, shopping, theatre, seaside, scenic routes etc. The Travel Club has a large membership of people of all ages and abilities and the club welcomes new members throughout the year.

Aimed at elderly and people with disabilities in our community, each trip is a very social event with chat and a good atmosphere and routes are kept interesting and are driven by our friendly, experienced, qualified drivers.  If you travel in a Wheelchair or take a Scooter you will only be charged for your seat and not for the lost seats removed.

Always popular with existing and new members, trips fill up quickly once the quarterly trip sheets are received through the post.  LIMITED TRIPS NOW AVAILABLE.  RING FOR DETAILS 

Click here to see the current trip list. 

New Members

New members are always welcome and joining is very straightforward. Simply complete the online Membership Form (click here) or telephone Tony on 0191 5863136 to give your details over the phone.  All we need are some basic details and this information will not be passed on to any third party organisations.  Details of how, why and what information we keep can be accessed by looking at our privacy policy on the home page.

Annual Membership

There is a £5 annual membership fee taken when new members join and in January each year. The reason for having a membership fee is to underwrite last minute seat cancellations that cannot be filled. If a seat is cancelled at the last minute and nobody can be found to take the seat the person cancelling the seat is not expected to pay if they are not going to travel and the collective membership fund covers that cost.  The fee, and the trip fees, also goes toward advertising, promotion and general running costs.  Remember we are a non-profit, non-commercial Charity whose main aim is to enhance our community and the people living in it so please continue to support us.

So if you want to get out and about, meet new people and visit some lovely places in our region, just give us a call.

Ring Tony on 0191 5863136




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